Will the Browns trade Kareem Hunt? Rumors of new price set ahead of NFL trade deadline

Who will be looking for Hunt?

The Browns reportedly plan to leave running back Kareem Hunt before Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. Such a decision will likely come down to the thread; Cleveland defeated division rival Cincinnati on “Monday Night Football” and Hunt carried the ball 11 times for 42 yards in the win.

If this is the end of his tenure in Cleveland, Hunt has worked exceptionally well as a strong second to Nick Chubb since 2019: Entering Monday, Hunt has 2,519 scrimmage yards and 23 total touchdowns in 39 games. In 2022, Hunt rushed for 263 yards and three touchdowns, while also racking up an additional 87 receiving yards and an incoming TD in Week 8.

But Hunt was by no means satisfied in Cleveland, prompting a trade request in August. Although Cleveland didn’t consider it at the time, a 2-5 start means the team could look to sell some of its expiring contracts, including Hunt.

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Here’s the latest on the Browns and their potentially ex-Browns running backs:

Will the Browns trade Kareem Hunt?

Reportedly, the Browns are willing to honor Kareem Hunt’s trade request, which was originally discussed in August. So, there is a world in which Hunt will be dealt before the trade deadline of 4 p.m. ET on November 1.

After Monday night’s game against the Bengals, head coach Kevin Stefanski dodged questions about Hunt’s future with the team.

“I don’t get into that stuff,” Stefanski said.

Hunt said after the game that he was “ready for anything” and said he loved all of his teammates, but understood the sport was a business.

“I’m a football player and it’s a business. I’m ready to do whatever they decide,” Hunt said. “It’s either if we go somewhere else or here, whatever, it doesn’t matter. I love football.”

Even though Stefanski isn’t setting the price, the Browns as a whole have: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Cleveland will seek a fourth-round pick for Hunt and would rather trade him than lose him in free agency.

The Browns were originally looking for a “Christian McCaffrey throwback” in a trade for Hunt; that high price would have been set to a second-, third-, and fourth-round pick. Considering Hunt isn’t quite McCaffrey’s caliber, that seemed unlikely.

Also for comparison: The Jaguars moved James Robinson to the Jets for a sixth-round pick that could become a fifth if Robinson hits a yardage goal for the remainder of the season.

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Kareem Hunt trade rumors

Outside of the fourth-round asking price for Hunt, it’s unclear who might be in the market for the Browns running back. Several teams, however, have been linked with other full-backs who have already moved or could be on the move:

– The Rams were reportedly on McCaffrey, but they were beaten to the punch by the 49ers. With Cam Akers on the outs in Los Angeles, Hunt could prove to be a solid back in Sean McVay’s system.

— Rumors had it that the Saints were looking to trade Alvin Kamara to the Eagles, but only if they got a first-round pick in return. However, it’s unclear whether the Eagles are looking to strengthen their backfield.

– The Invoices They were also said to be on McCaffrey, but not in talks as of the end. Would that translate into a more capital-efficient decision for Hunt?

Eleanor C. William