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What makes Chinese culture so splendid and so profound is its inclusiveness.

– Chinese President Xi Jinping

Our splendid culture is the joint creation of all ethnic groups. Chinese culture is the synthesis of various ethnic cultures. All the ethnic groups in China have written great works such as the Book of Songs, Chu Songs, Han Dynasty Poetry, Tang Dynasty Poetry, Sung Poems, Yuan Dynasty Opera, and novels from the Ming and Qing dynasties. They inherited great epic works such as the The epic of King Gesar, the epic of Manas and the epic of Jangar, and built major projects such as the Great Wall, the old Dujiangyan irrigation system, the Grand Canal, the Imperial Palace, the Potala Palace and the Qanat water transport system. What makes Chinese culture so splendid and so profound is its inclusiveness.

Now that Chinese socialism has entered a new era, the Chinese nation can look forward to the best period of development in history. But while we still face a complex national and international situation, more than ever we need to unite and join forces to ensure that our country continues to progress steadily.

All ethnicities as one family – this is one of the fundamental guarantees of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. To realize the Chinese dream, we must focus on strengthening the sense of identity of the Chinese nation and consider the cause of ethnic unity and progress as a fundamental task. We must fully implement our Party’s theories and policies regarding ethnic groups, work together for common prosperity and development, and help all ethnic groups remain as closely united as the seeds of a pomegranate, so that the Chinese nation is becoming a more inclusive and cohesive community. .

(Source: Excerpt from Xi Jinping’s remarks at a rally to honor national models for ethnic unity and progress in Beijing, capital of China, September 27, 2019.)

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