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October 17, 1932

Dozens of people in and around Cadillac will watch with deep personal interest Governor Wilber M. Brucker’s efforts to devise a workable plan for the resuscitation of defaulted real estate bonds. Governor Brucker, responding to requests from many whose life savings have been compromised or lost in these mortgage-backed securities, called a meeting in Lansing on Monday of a group of businessmen, bankers and others. extremely interested and will attempt to formulate a recovery plan that will relaunch the shows so that they have market value again. PF Powers and Representative Earl McNitt will attend the meeting. The last special session of the Legislature established a bondholder advisory commission to study the question of defaulted bonds. The findings of this commission convinced the governor that something drastic had to be done to save the millions that had been invested in these bonds and thereby restore Michigan investors’ confidence in worthwhile future deals. There is about a million dollars worth of these bonds in the Cadillac district and their default is one of the factors that brought the depression to Cadillac.

October 17, 1972

More than $900 worth of antiques were stolen in a break-in at a rural residence in Tustin, Michigan State Police reported to the Cadillac Post today. Wooden cradles, a clock, lamp, chair, heirloom vase, desk and rockers were among the antique items reportedly stolen from the home owned by Stanley Johnson of Dearborn. Also missing was a .22 caliber rifle, worth $20, officials said. Police believe the items were removed from the home through the front door and loaded onto a truck. The theft is believed to have taken place between Oct. 1 and Friday, officials said.

October 17, 1997

The Wexford Board of Commissioners has approved upgrades that will bring the price of the county rink to around $2.2 million. The county will spend an additional $713,000 on a Phase III addition to upgrade the building’s lobby/entrance. “The ‘wow’ factor is very important,” said lobby commissioner Robert Reddy. Equipment needs, including refitting the ice resurfacer (Zamboni), skate and sharpener rentals, concession, sound system and computer equipment will add approximately $150,000 to the bill, but will contribute to generate income, according to Jack R. Vivian, whose company should operate. ease. “You have to remember that trade is ice,” he told commissioners at a workshop ahead of Wednesday’s regular council meeting. Vivian detailed a proposal to convert the county’s gas-powered ice resurfacer, which was used for outdoor snow removal, to propane for indoor use. Vivian has yet to sign a contract with the county. His company, JRV Management Resources Inc., is expected to take on management responsibilities for the County Wexford Ice Rink and the Civic Arena.

Eleanor C. William