Thousands of people use the PCS Cost of Living Calculator

Many members have shared their losses and feedback since we launched the calculator on Friday. Use the calculator to find out how much you miss each year.

Members can enter their salary and monthly expenses in the calculator to find out how much they miss this year.

For example, if your salary is £23,000 the total amount you will lose this year will be staggering £2,511.09.

The members shared their feelings after reading their results.

A member who said his partner had long-term health issues and felt cold even in the summer said, “He turned on the heater this morning. I could have cried.

Another member with years of experience commented, “With our salary allocations set at a meager 2%, that’s not going to pay our bills. We need a 10% pay raise just to keep up with prices. It’s a kick in the teeth to have delivered during Covid.

Think of the difference the money you lost would make to you. This is why it is vital that all members prepare for our national ballot for industrial action on wages, jobs and pensions next month. by connection to PCS Digital and update the personal data we hold about you.

You can only vote in this national postal ballot if you have provided us with a personal mailing address.

Use our calculator to figure out how much you’re going to miss, then get actively involved in the PCS campaign for a living wage, more jobs and better services.

We would love to hear how members have been affected by the cost of living crisis, which you can share via our cost of living survey and sending your story to [email protected]

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Eleanor C. William