The world’s first smart calculator from a young Indian startup

The ToHands smart calculator helps small businesses calculate and store data, can be connected to wifi and is backed up with an app.


This Hyderabad-based startup “ToHands” has designed smart calculators to facilitate the daily business of traders and is also ready to take pre-orders of these smart calculators.

Traders in India are still highly dependent on calculators and nothing can replace them. For every calculation they have this handy thing ready with a pen and paper to keep track of over a period. At the end of the period, they add up all income and expenses to get the final amount. They are backed by limited resources to get fancy billing machines, so in this case smart calculators would really be a big help.

ToHands co-founder Praveen Mishra21 came up with this innovation after a year of observation and investigation. Along with Mishra, Satyam Sahu, Shanmuga Vadivel, and Arvind Subramanian have been an entrepreneur team since 2017. Satyam Sahu deals with software and application development, Shanmuga deals with hardware, and Mishra deals with product-related things.

This startup raised Rs 50 lakhs from STartup India Seed and T-hub.

Mishra came up with the first version of the Smart Calculator, a Raspberry Pi-powered device that had a keypad and two buttons, one for credit and one for debit. When this device was trialled with some merchants, they were able to get seven pre-orders. The second version was soon in the works, with a calculation function with credit and debit buttons on the small screen and the device operated on a membrane keyboard.


The current version has an alphanumeric keypad and 16MB inbuilt memory, which can store five lakh transactions and save data even if not connected to wifi. A mobile app that is part of the package helps users get data for the last three months and can easily download a few reports.

“Calculators have a basic use but we can also do a lot of things on top of the calculation part, and that’s where we think the smart calculator will be a really good tool for traders,” Mishra said in an interview. with Indian Express. .
The device was launched on Monday by IT secretary, Jayesh Ranjan. “Tohands Smart Calculator is a simple calculator but has the potential to do basic bookkeeping that a small trader or SME owner will be comfortable with. Also from a price point of view it is very competitive. But what is encouraging is that everything about this device is designed and manufactured in India, which is very unusual for a hardware product”

Eleanor C. William