Hurricane Henri is expected to pass through the eastern tip of Long Island and make landfall on the Connecticut coast on Sunday afternoon or early evening as a strong tropical storm or weak hurricane, the National said on Saturday. Weather Service.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the resulting storm surge from Henry could reach 5 feet high along the coast of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Emergency experts are advising residents to prepare for the coming storm by preparing to evacuate if local authorities order it. Have a battery-powered radio and flashlights available. Do not use candles or oil lamps for emergency lighting due to the extreme fire risk.

Do not use a grill, propane, natural gas or gasoline appliance in your home due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In a streaming update, Gov. Charlie Baker said the storm’s track for Henry shifted west, bringing the storm across Long Island in Connecticut and roughly to the Connecticut River valley in western Massachusetts. The storm is expected to lose power as it passes through land, entering Connecticut as a strong tropical storm or a weak Category 1 hurricane. ‘he loses power quickly as he heads north into Massachusetts.

Hurricane Henri Trajectory (AccuWeather)

The National Weather Service forecasts heavy rains and gusty winds in western and central Massachusetts, with power outages likely. Residents can also expect flooding from rivers and streams already swollen by rain. Between 3 and 6 inches of rain could fall between Sunday and Monday morning.

Heavy rains and high winds can knock down large trees, dragging power lines with them. A power failure could affect the area for several days or weeks. In Connecticut, Eversource predicts that up to 69% of its customers in the impact area will lose power for 21 days.

Eversource vice president for electrical operations Douglas Foley said the utility is organizing repair trucks and crews at the Eastern States Fairgrounds in West Springfield. Eversource is also opening its five emergency operations centers across the state.

FEMA said it is planning around 100 people at Westover Air Reserve, including an urban search and rescue team, a chain saw team and 50 semi-trailer platforms. He also organized meals, clean water and generators to help mitigate the impacts of the hurricane.

Hurricane Henri

Storm forecast for hurricane Henri (AccuWeather)

Hurricane Henri

Hurricane Henri forecast for Sunday August 22, 2021 (AccuWeather)

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