Skytop Motors has been serving many automotive needs in the Bristol community since 2016, and recently its owner started another business to expand the services it offers.

Owner Jeremy Berube launched Skytop Collision Center in August 2020. While Skytop Motors has a full-service repair shop and can meet a variety of repair needs, Skytop Collision Center is a specialized full-service auto body shop. in the complete repair of collisions and frames. The company can repair cars damaged in car accidents with its experienced technicians and state-of-the-art paint booth.

Berube said that even though he had started his new business amid the covid-19 pandemic, when many local businesses were still struggling financially, he had had no trouble finding clients. Often he had to make appointments weeks later.

Berube said he believes he has been able to find clients so easily because his companies are known for their customer service. Berube said he selects each of his employees to ensure they can meet the needs of their customers.

“Our work ethic says it all,” Berube said. “We treat customers like family and go above and beyond when we can. ”

Employees at Berube companies not only treat customers like family, they also give back to the Bristol community. Once a year, Skytop Motors gives a Christmas present in the back of its tow truck, and Santa gives gifts to children in need. For Halloween, they decorate their office and invite local children to come visit them so they can distribute candy.

Berube said he has always enjoyed working with cars, especially because of the satisfaction he gets from fixing cars and making his customers happy.

“There is satisfaction in fixing something that breaks down and seeing someone’s smile on their face when they can go to work and do everyday things with their car,” Berube said. .

Skytop Collision Center is located at 101 Park Street in Bristol. For more information call 860-583-8236 or email [email protected]

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