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Your name: Rob Engelage (Owner)

Shop name: Auto in agreement

Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Number of employees: 6

When did you open your store?1983

Do you specialize in something?

RE: When In-Tune Auto opened in 1983, we specialized in air conditioning work and imports. We continue to provide specialized service in these areas, but customer service and quality work become a core value for us. We take great pride in providing quality service with a smile. We have been able to stay in business for so long thanks to our longtime customers! Word of mouth is the best advertisement for a business. We therefore thank our customers for their continued support and for recommending us to their family and friends.

Main parts supplier: RPG, NAPA supply

What has been your biggest challenge as a store this year and how did you navigate them?

RE: The pandemic has really been the biggest challenge for the store last year. We want to make sure that we can operate safely for our customers during this time. We were able to welcome our customers, keep them and our team safe during the pandemic. Overall, we have been successful in meeting these challenges thanks to our amazing clients and the wonderful team we have here.

What is your biggest achievement this year?

RE: Our greatest success is the year this company grew! Through the use of digital inspections, more interactions with customers through social media, the ability to welcome customers safely during this difficult time, and a great team, we have been able to significantly develop the ‘business !

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

RE: COVID-19 presented its challenges in terms of how businesses operate. We had to make some operational adjustments. We have been able to implement health and safety policies related to COVID-19 and keep the business running to the high standards we aim for. Overall, business has been excellent during COVID-19.

What types of digital technologies are you currently using / implementing?

RE: We have started using AutoServe1 in the last few months. We really love providing digital inspection to our customers. We can provide more clarity and information to our customers. This helps provide our customers with the information they need to make the best possible decision for their vehicle.

If you could see a change in the secondary market, what would it be?

RE: What I would like to see is that Jobbers support independent garages with training in both technical repair and business management. If they were able to provide such a service, many other local independent garages can participate, creating a potential for more experienced garages in the area. This will not only provide better service to customers in our area, but it could also generate more business for independent garages, thus providing better deals for wholesalers. It would be a win-win situation for independent garages and Jobbers.

Tell me an interesting fact about your store?

RE: In our 37+ years of operation, we have grown four times within the same place. Each time the workspace and the freight elevators increase. We started with two winches and expanded to eight winches including one 18,000 lb. freight elevator. The last 10 years being the most expansive and successful years for us.

Name one part / product that you and your team particularly enjoy this month and why?

RE: One product, especially a brand that we like, is Dorman. They have a great website to search for products by application or part number.

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