Which country can you visit that is light years ahead of everyone when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

What is the only country in South America where the official language is English?

Where is the only country in South America that is discovering oil at an unprecedented rate and poised to become one of the richest nations on the planet?

That’s right…. It is Guyana.

A majestic tropical sunset in Guyana


Guyana, for centuries, has been rich in diversity, inclusion, cultures, races and religions. The 7 different ethnic groups that make up the region live in harmony. They celebrate their different languages, beliefs and points of view. It’s a celebration of differences that brings everyone together.

The “land of many waters” is where the word Guyana comes from. Waterfalls abound and set the stage for some of the most beautiful rainforest landscapes in the world. It is no coincidence that Demerara, Essequibo and Berbice River are the names of three great rivers and are also the names of the three counties of Guyana. Guyana is a world of water in all its forms. Surprisingly, in Guyana, you will find the gigantic falls of Kaieteur; the largest single drop waterfall in the world.

Guyana the land of waterfalls

With 80% of the country covered by tropical forests, Guyana is an ecotourist’s dream come true. It is the ideal place for explorers in search of unknown species and for travelers to experience new adventures.
At the border with Venezuela, oil and gas were to arrive for Guyana.

Currently, Venezuela holds the world record for proven oil reserves. To overtake Saudi Arabia and Canada means mega-potential. Guyana has a policy of openness to business and will most likely follow its global energy sister, Venezuela in terms of oil distribution. We anticipate a similar oil boom.

Guyana – Neighbor of the country with the largest oil reserves in the world: Venezuela

Based on Guyana’s geographic proximity to Venezuela, its oil exploration discoveries to date and the government fostering a climate of economic prosperity make the region a solid bet. This makes this region one of the hottest places in the world to associate, invest and work.

Unprecedented oil history is making waves in Guyana as we speak. ExxonMobil is discovering offshore oil at an unprecedented rate. To date, 20 oil discoveries have been announced and the most recent project has just been announced on the Stabroek block off Guyana in September 2021. And we’re just getting started.
With coastal plains to the north, mountains in the rainforest-covered highlands, and dusty savannah plateaus to the south, Guyana is gauging it all. It is an entrepreneur’s dream.

20 oil discoveries to date make Guyana one of the best places in the world to invest, partner and start an oil-related business.


With a long and rich history of family members in Guyana and Canada, Ryan Burrowes, CEO of Warehouse Transport Group, is the bridge between the two regions. Used to global opportunities, Ryan’s multi-million dollar logistics company has an intuitive compass for what’s to come.

Ryan Burrowes, CEO of Warehouse Transport Group Guyana. Operations extending from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Guyana.
Ryan’s family from Guyana. Father Peter Burrowes and Mother Cheryl Burrows (formerly Cheryl Abdool)

“My parents were both born in Guyana and came to Canada in the mid-1970s. My father, Peter, is an environmental engineer who started his career with Guyana Bauxite and now 48 years later is specialized in wastewater engineering and sustainability, an underdeveloped service in Guyana at the moment. My mom, Cheryl, has a music management business and my sister and she have taught music in Guyana and are active in the Guyanese community here in Toronto, enlisting my brother to do their IT work, ”Ryan said.

Bridging regions and creating new opportunities has been a way of life and a passion for the Burrowes family. It makes perfect sense that they have a family owned freight forwarding and logistics business. “We are a family business. We see family and community as a way of life. Moving between regions is what we do. With technology and transportation where it is today, the world is our home, ”said Ryan.


Ryan’s family line is deeply rooted in Guyana. “My great-grandfather, Sydney Abdool, started the family in the insurance industry over 100 years ago and we are fortunate to have our WTG offices alongside Abdool & Abdool Insurance in Georgetown Ryan said.

My grandfather Eddie Fredericks was an icon in the community. He was a legal visionary with a passion for international relations. Eddie was instrumental in the sugar industry and, while he was CEO of Shell and Consul General of the Netherlands, he also oversaw the early days of drilling, for oil by Shell, in Guyana. I think he would be happy if I continued this lineage. My other grandfather, Thomas Burrowes, worked for the Guyana Tobacco Company for over 45 years, retiring as managing director before migrating to Canada. Canada and Guyana have always felt the same, ”said Ryan.

A tropical paradise: display of guava, carambola, pineapple and dragon fruit fruits at the Guyanese farmers market.


As the world digitizes and globalizes, barriers dissolve and opportunities emerge. With vision and insight, Ryan envisions Guyana’s future and has high expectations.

“Our dream is to build a bridge between Guyana and Canada so that people who want to do business in both regions can take advantage of this opportunity. Not only will we move freight for our customers between the two regions, but we will form partnerships and joint ventures to develop a stronger infrastructure in the region. Right now, the opportunities are unprecedented. We are looking for companies to partner with that have the same commitment to family values, community and business as we do. We are visionaries for Canada and Guyana and we are here for the long term. Since our family motto has always been to help those in need, we are deeply committed to giving back to the Guyanese community, ”explained Ryan.

Guyana: an energy and tourist center

“I am fortunate to have been exposed from my birth to a strong Guyanese heritage. I remember when I was in school, the last day of school before summer vacation, most of my friends were going on vacation to Florida and I always had puzzled looks when I said I was going. in Guyana. I thought I was different. I did not know at the time that these family trips were the basis of my future. I spent summers in Guyana with my grandparents and relatives and they passed on Guyanese culture to me. Now that’s my mixed culture, ”recalls Ryan.

The benefit of being a citizen of Guyana and Canada gives Ryan’s company an added advantage: “I am extremely proud to have dual citizenship from two amazing countries that have shaped my character and my destiny. I formed WTG Guyana Inc, a Guyanese company, to identify where our services can be of use to the Guyanese economy and share the remarkable ties between the two countries. Canada, especially the east coast, has many similarities to Guyana with a long history of trade between Newfoundland and Guyana.

“On my recent visit, I was completely blown away by the enthusiasm shown for myself and our company. I realized that the opportunity for Canadians to showcase their oil and gas products and skills in Guyana is enormous. For example, one of our main initiatives with our partners in Halifax, Nova Scotia is to develop construction and infrastructure needs in Guyana. It’s a really exciting project and it will be the foundation for many more to come, ”said Ryan.

Bill Organ, Director of Operations and Director of Logistics for Nova Scotia, says, “We serve customers from Newfoundland to Guyana and everywhere in between. We see the connection between Newfoundland and Guyana as something very special. There is a synergy between the two offshore oil regions. We see similar people, similar offshore oil fields, and both are growing industrial sectors. It is a very exciting time. Newfoundland has a 30-year history in petroleum, while Guyana is just beginning. We see strategic partnerships between the two regions as a priority area.

Ryan Burrowes and his wife Veronica Burrowes of Warehouse Transport Group Guyana

Ryan Burrowes’ best friend and wife, Veronica Burrowes, heads WTG’s financial operations. Veronica says, “We plan to build much needed infrastructure that will support Guyana’s growing energy sector. We will seek partners who will allow the transfer of technology, the capacity to transfer skills and transfer much needed infrastructure in the region. We are focused on building a solid base of local partnerships that ensure the people of Guyana are the primary benefactors of their oil resources. We will go beyond the country’s requirements for local content and partnerships and ensure that the Guyanese people benefit from all of our efforts. “


Ryan concludes: “Our goal is a long term vision where everyone wins. We encourage companies wishing to do business in Guyana to come and meet with us. We encourage Guyanese companies that want strong partners abroad to let us know what they want to accomplish. We will be the bridge that will build a new sustainable energy nation.

For more information on how to do business in Guyana, please contact Ryan Burrowes and his team at www.warehousetransport.ca

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