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In Romantic meat adventure, Judy and the rest of the family try to get their father Beef back into the singles market so he doesn’t die alone. They manage to convince him to attend a bachelorette mixer at a meat auction, and he even meets a nice lady who loves to fish. Ultimately, however, it wasn’t just Beef who was having relationship issues – Judy was having trouble herself.

Beef’s adult curling team isn’t exactly world-class outfit. They would like to win more games, and there’s someone who thinks she can help them with that: Judy. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Just was banned from the curling team for evil and mean behavior. She promises that she can control herself, but when it comes time for her to coach the Beef team, the competitive spirit kicks in.

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The Far North has aired about a month of episodes now, but compared to other longtime animated shows like Bob’s Burgers and The Simpsons, it’s still the new kid on the block. Because of this, it’s always a bit surprising to see what topics, characters, and situations the writers choose to deal with in any given episode. Now, Fox has released two episodes of the show online early, and it already looks like a pattern is emerging.

Judy and Beef share the limelight in both Romantic meat adventure and Curl Interrupted Adventure. As someone with one foot in the imaginative era of childhood and the other foot in the uncharted territory of adolescence, Judy is a compelling actor to focus on. Beef is a little less interesting character for me so far, but hey, he’s a gruff guy from the wilderness voiced by Nick Offerman who isn’t afraid to try an improv scene or two with his. girl. The two have a solid dynamic together, but not as instantly classic as the many Bob and Louise episodes of Bob’s Burgers, of which The Great North is sort of a witty spin-off.

Romantic meat adventure is definitely my favorite of the two episodes. His theme of coming back there after being let down or rejected is something most people can relate to, making it easy to laugh while also sympathizing with Beef’s efforts to figure out dating again. There is a lot of comedy to be learned from his attempts at gossip – it always comes down to fishing with him! The episode does a great job of tying Judy’s issues together with her passion to fix her father. They say we don’t like in other people what we don’t like about ourselves, so it was nice to watch Judy learn from her dad’s positive attitude and channel it into her own love life. Attempts at humor in Judy’s romance aren’t as successful, with her excuses for getting away that involve things like farts and taxes becoming less realistic and more fabricated.

In Curl Adventure interrupted, Beef and Judy are paired up again as she tries to atone for the past sins of curling and helps her team win a game. While not as funny as the previous episode, I enjoyed the emphasis on getting them to hang out together, and the final realization that if it’s not curling that brings them together, they will have to find other activities that they both like to participate in. Plot B sees the rest of the crew trying to fulfill Wolf’s dream of helping tourists achieve love without success, despite welcoming a friendly German.

It hasn’t been the fastest start for The Great North, especially since it’s already derailed once by NASCAR, but the show continues to be an entertaining watch if you can get past the comedy “try a little too strong “. style. There is a lot to enjoy here, but I still wouldn’t call the Far North big.

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