Aaron Regev, THP Sales Director

Aaron Regev is the Commercial director from the residential warranty company, Total Home Protection. He has been working hard in his industry for several years now, finding his way around it due to a long history of working in sales. Today we get to know this Brooklyn-raised entrepreneur and follow his journey so far.

Hey! How are you? (Has something taken over your thoughts these days?)

Aaron Regev: Hello! I’m fine, thanks for asking. Well. I think my thoughts are pretty much on par with what everyone has been thinking about this past year, about COVID and all the changes it has made. When it comes to THP, there have been a lot of tweaks made to ensure that we not only keep pace, but also excel over our competition when it comes to providing an experience that is both efficient and safe for our customers. .

What kind of value does home warranty coverage give a homeowner?

Aaron Regev: Along with the value of residential warranty coverage comes the peace of mind it offers our customers. This is especially relevant these days, with the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Money is tight for many people, and the cost of repairing or replacing an appliance or home system can be too much for most to handle. And, of course, with everyone needing to stay home more than ever to prevent the spread of COVID, these repairs or replacements can be done. crucial to make sure everything is comfortable at home.

In all? The peace of mind that comes from knowing that, as long as they have warranty coverage for the home, they can get their home back in order as quickly as possible – with the help of a highly trained professional technician (who is also in short supply these days.) – and not having to worry about paying crazy fees, is immeasurably priceless in today’s economy.

What has Total Home Protection done over the past year to ensure it meets customer demands?

Aaron Regev: Under the leadership of our CEO (David Seruya), Total Home Protection has taken several milestones regarding our onboarding process, as well as how we interact with our customers. It has always been important to us here at THP that we support our customers 100% of the time, and to make sure this stays true we have introduced a lot of automation and new technologies into our processes to handle the dramatic influx. . new customers who need our protection.

As a leader, is there anything you do to make sure everyone on your team is performing at their best?

Aaron Regev: As a leader, you need to communicate clearly with your team. Sometimes that means telling them things they don’t want to hear. Sometimes that means giving them a helping hand or encouraging them so that they can make their own decisions with confidence.

I can be a badass sometimes, for example. But just because I can be tough doesn’t mean I don’t treat my team with the same respect they give me. I have always been very real with my team; I tell them when and where they went wrong. And I also make sure they have the tools they need to get ahead in their work. And that, if they need my help, they know that my door is always open for them so they can come in, come and have a chat and learn what they need to know.

What is the working environment like at Total Home Protection?

Aaron Regev: We have a lot to thank our boss, David Seruya, for our working environment. He is a very inspiring person who probably knows more about the ins and outs of the home warranty industry than anyone in the country. And we all respect him for it.

In response to this, I have always made a point of encouraging everyone in our team to keep learning everything and everything they can, partly to emulate our CEO, but also because I want to make sure let each continue by himself. journeys towards self-improvement and growth as individuals so that we can be strong together as a team.

To send us on a positive note, please offer our readers a few words of encouragement that can help them continue their own journey as entrepreneurs.

Aaron Regev: If you want to test yourself in the general business world, be sure to prepare for the competition. Things can get tough there, and you should know that now rather than later. If you can, start educating yourself ahead of time about the industry you want to get into.

Find out about the industry environment, the type of people who work in it, how certain processes work, or why they don’t. Inquire. Focus on improving your skills as an entrepreneur in order to stand out as a crucial member of any team you find yourself in.

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