Price tag: Congressional negotiation, college rankings

First: We’ve got the headlines of the week: a nationwide abortion ban on the table weeks before midterms, August inflation numbers (sigh), Ukraine’s recent W channel and the DL on new updates for iMessage.

So: After a scandal at Columbia University, the college dropped from No. 2 to No. 18 on the U.S. News College Ranking List. But after learning how the list ranks, many wonder how legit this list is. We break down what caused Columbia’s downfall and the shady side of college culture…in 60 seconds.

Next: A New York Times survey found that nearly a fifth of members of Congress — or their family members — were negotiating stocks in a way that could be seen as conflict, renewing convos around the negotiation of actions of Congress and whether it should be authorized. To hear both sides of the spicy debate, we speak to one of the reporters. PS: discover the Times investigation here.

To finish: Being mediocre in your hobbies is fashionable. The pursuit of perfectionism is over. We talk to a WSJ columnist who investigated the art of being bad at something and how it actually improves your mental health and your life. Huzah for participation trophies.

Eleanor C. William