YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Local mechanics are inundated with auto repairs. Many send customers to other mechanics to do repairs if they are too busy.

In Youngstown, 5 Starr Tire and Wheel has had a lot of cars to fix recently. They plan almost double the number of normal repairs.

Co-owner Eric Starr says town mechanics are facing this problem as well.

“From 30 to 50 cars per day. Before, like when it was more normal, I would say we were seeing between 25 and 30, ”Starr said.

The large number of repairs makes it difficult to clean their workshop. It also affects customers.

“If that affects, you know, how fast we can turn everything back, the wait times we have for people. We’re full pretty much every week, ”Starr said.

Part of this problem has to do with declining car sales. People no longer buy used cars, and car manufacturers have to wait for certain parts to be installed in new cars.

“There is currently a global semiconductor shortage,” said Bill Adams, PNC senior economist.

Adams says the shortage stems from consumers buying electronics during the pandemic.

The lack of semiconductors has had a huge impact on auto sales.

“There have been shutdowns in the auto industry that have limited production last year and this year and that’s why auto sales have been weak recently,” Adams said.

Starr also says the decline in car sales has had an impact on his business.

“People don’t get cars, so they try to fix what they have. People have to go to work, do what they have to do, so they fix what they have, ”Adams said.

Adams says this car sales drought won’t last.

As semiconductors return to mass production, he expects car sales to improve over the next year.

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