Olympe, Texas by Stacy Swan

The Briscos are talking about their small town again when they returned to east Texas two years after being arrested for a relationship with their brother’s wife in March. Within days of their arrival in March, someone will die, their marriage will be disrupted, and even the strongest alliance will be broken. After all, the ties that bind them together may only drag them all down.

Maggie Shipstead’s Great Circle

After being rescued as babies from a sunken ocean liner in 1914, Marian and Jamie Graves were raised by their steadfast uncle in Missoula, Montana. There, after meeting two barnstorming pilots crossing town on a battered biplane, Marian begins a romance of a lifetime in flight. At the age of 14, she dropped out of school and found an unexpected and dangerous patron among wealthy pirates who offered her planes and subsidized courses.

Phone booth at the end of the world by Laura Imai Messina

When Yui loses her mother and daughter in the tsunami, she begins to record the passage of time since that day. All are based on the day the tsunami tore through Japan and March 11, 2011, when sadness captured her. life. Then one day she hears about a man who has an old, obsolete phone booth in his yard. There, those who have lost their loved ones find the power to speak to them and begin to come to terms with their sorrows.

Election participation by Megan Abbott

With a long neck, matching bread and pink tights, Dara and Marie Durant were dancers because they remember. Growing up, they were homeschooled and trained by a lovely mother who was the founder of Durant Dance School. After their parents died in a tragic accident a dozen years ago, the sisters started running a school with Charlie, Dara’s husband and the former mother’s dear student.


Jayne Mansfield: Girl Can’t Help Him by Eve Golden

Jayne Mansfield was driven not only to become an actress, but to become a star as well. One of the most influential sex symbols of her time, she was known for her platinum blonde hair, hourglass figure, ridiculously low cleavage, and glamorous lifestyle. Her assiduous and ambitious pursuit of her spotlight and flashy promotional stunts have made her increasingly wrenched in Hollywood.

The Story of a Tree by Kevin Hobbes

Hobbs takes readers on a visual journey from the earliest known tree species on the planet to the latest fruit cultivars. All the trees selected have had a great impact on the earth and humanity. Starting with the 270-million-year-old fossil ginkgo, how trees have become essential to the development of our species, and how important certain trees are are religious, political and cultural. Find out if he has become a target symbol.

Refugee High: The Arrival of the American Era by Elly Fishman

For a century, Roger C. Sullivan High School in Chicago hosted immigrant and refugee students. During the worst global refugee crisis in history in 2017, its migrant population grew to nearly 300, almost half of its schools, many of whom were the first refugees to come to the country. These young people come from 35 countries and speak more than 38 languages.

Journey to the Edge of Reasons: The Life of Kurt Gödel by Stephen Budiansky

Almost 100 years after its publication, Kurt Gödel’s famous proof that all mathematical systems must contain real propositions continues to destabilize mathematics, philosophy and computer science. Yet unlike Einstein, who forged a warm and steadfast friendship, Godel has long fled save for the most casual examination of his life.

for kids

Southern Fauna by Dieter Braun

Discover the diversity and beauty of the animals of the southern hemisphere, painstakingly represented in the colorful and detailed style of artist Dieter Braun, straddling the four continents of the southern hemisphere, Africa, South America , Australia and Antarctica. Sailors will find a wide variety of beasts, from mandrills to capybaras to southern elephant seals. As we do in the accompanying volume “Wildlife of the North,” Brown captures the viewer’s imagination with a lively parade of animals. It’s great that you can use it as a starting point for a more in-depth study of these animals just by browsing.

Age: 8 years and over

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