This column was submitted by Evangeline Cessna, Local History Librarian at the Warren – Vicksburg County Public Library.

This week’s column features novels from our New Adult Fiction section.

Before she disappears is the latest from bestselling author Lisa Gardner. Recovering alcoholic Frankie Elkin has more regrets than personal possessions, but she has dedicated her life to doing what no one else will – find the lost and forgotten. Frankie begins his search after the police stop searching and the public can’t remember. Her latest case has brought her to the difficult Mattapan neighborhood of Boston, where she is looking for Angelique Badeau, a Haitian teenager who disappeared from her high school months before. When Frankie meets resistance from the Boston PD and Angelique’s family, she knows she is alone. She quickly learns that someone doesn’t like the questions she asks. Even though she knows her life is in danger, Frankie will risk everything to find out the truth.

JT Ellison delivers a quick and unpredictable novel with His dark lies. Isle Isola emerges from the sparkling turquoise waters off the coast of Italy. It is the ideal setting for a wedding. The wealthy Compton family owns the beautiful clifftop villa where artist Claire Hunter will marry the handsome and charming Jack Compton. The couple will be surrounded by family, a handful of friends and dark secrets long hidden. The minute Claire sets foot on the island, she senses that something is wrong. Skeletal remains were found along with threatening texts and a crumbling wedding dress. The most sinister darkness looming over the otherwise happy relationship, however, is the mystery surrounding Jack’s first wife. If all that wasn’t enough to drive someone crazy, a big storm hits the island and the lights just went out.

The parcel is a novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz. Jacob Finch Bonner was once a promising novelist with a respectably published debut book. Today, however, he buzzes his teaching days in a third-rate Masters of Fine Arts program. He is desperately trying to maintain his self-esteem because he hasn’t written or published anything decent in years. Evan Parker is Jake’s most arrogant student. One day, Evan announces that he doesn’t need Jake’s help, as the intrigue of his new work in progress is a sure thing. Jake is willing to dismiss the boasting of a vain jackanape… until he hears the plot. Jake returns to his social life while waiting for Evan’s star to fly away, but that doesn’t happen. When Jake learns that Evan is dead – probably without finishing the book – he does what any self-respecting writer would do with a story like this. In just a few short years, all of Evan’s predictions come true, but it’s Jake who enjoys the wealth, fame, and accolades around the world. At the height of this glorious new life, an email arrives:

“You are a thief,” he said. Struggling to make sense of his antagonist and to hide the truth from his readers and editors, he begins to delve into the life of the late Evan Parker. What he discovers amazes and terrifies him at the same time. What is the real story behind the plot and who stole it from whom?

Allison Brennan’s latest staging with Detective Kara Quinn and FBI agent Matt Costa is called Don’t tell lies. An intern-turned-activist seeks to solve the mystery of what kills wildlife in the mountains just south of Tucson, but she too ends up dying. Local law enforcement is dragging its feet, so the FBI mobile unit goes undercover to infiltrate the city and its copper refinery. Quinn and Costa scour the desolate landscape for darker, more revealing clues involving greed, child trafficking, and more deaths. As the death toll rises, it becomes clear that they’ve stumbled upon more than they bargained for, and now they must figure out who is at the heart of all this chaos. Will they be able to stop him before another innocent life is lost?

Finally, we have the latest from bestselling author Dean Koontz—The other Emily. A decade ago, Emily Carlino disappeared from the side of a California highway after her car broke down. We assumed she was one of the victims of serial killer Ronny Lee Jessup, although no remains have ever been found. Writer David Thorne never got over losing Emily or the guilt of not being there for her. He started visiting Jessup in prison on a regular basis; desperatesearching for answers about Emily’s final hours, so he can finally put her down. Then David meets Maddison Sutton, attractive, playful and all-too aware of what David lost. She takes his breath away, but beyond that, all about Maddison, down to her kisses, is just like Emily. David’s obsession grows as Maddison’s mysterious past deepens and the terror intensifies. Is Maddison Really Emily? Or just an irresistible doppleganger? What game is she playing anyway? David is willing to take the risk for a second chance with his true love, but will this path lead him to happiness or ruin?

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