Is the price on this outfield target too high?

According to an MLB insider, the price tag attached to any type of trade involving Kansas City Royals outfielder Andrew Benintendi may be too high for the New York Yankees at this time.

New York Yankees rumours: Are Kansas City Royals pricing Andrew Benintendi too high?

In this article in The New York Post by Jon Heyman, the New York Yankees have been in talks with the Kansas City Royals over the potential acquisition of Benintendi ahead of MLB’s August 2 trade deadline. However, Heyman says the price is too high for the Yankees…at least for now.

Heyman adds that the Royals are looking for “at least one good prospect” in return, but the definition of a “good prospect” remains unclear. How high would the Yankees be willing to climb on the prospect ladder for a deal with the Royals if the franchise is currently in “win it now” mode?

It’s well known that the Yankees, despite having the best record in Major League Baseball, are looking to improve by providing a boost to their outfield. On the shortlist for this “boost” is Benintendi, 28, who has a Gold Glove with the Royals and a World Series ring during his time with the Boston Red Sox. Benintendi’s defense would be a boost for the Yankees, and his playoff experience would also be a plus as New York pushes to return to the Fall Classic for the first time since 2009.

Heading into Sunday’s action, Benintendi cut .317/.387/.402 with three home runs and 34 RBIs, part of a career-high 125 OPS+. Although Benintendi doesn’t currently provide much pop for the Royals, he has homered 13 or more in a season in four of his seven MLB campaigns, including 17 in his first season with the Royals last year.

Benintendi will be one of the most coveted assets come the 2022 trade deadline. How much the Yankees and other teams are willing to pay for him, and whether the Royals are willing to lower the price as the deadline draws closer , we’ll see.

Eleanor C. William