His work includes an incredible life-size Terminator that stands over 6 feet tall and took three years to manufacture

By day Adrian Coates works in his family’s home appliance repair shop in Hedon, but by night he transforms his talented hands into something altogether more spectacular than washing machines and refrigerators.

Adrian, 57, spends his free time making spectacular recreations of movie props that would put some Hollywood techies to shame.

He has a room in his home on Soutter Gate dedicated to his collection and the spectacular range of accessories is definitely something to see.

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Adrian said: “I have always been quite artistic, from a young age I always did sketches and drawings of things and later I turned to modeling.

“The point is, modeling can get pretty expensive as the projects get bigger, for something like the Terminator I made you would need around £ 10,000 for the kit.

“On average I spend about two to three months making an item, the process is layering plastic over and over again to create the right shapes.

“The Terminator is the biggest I’ve made so far and it took me three years to complete it, I almost gave up a few times if I’m being honest because it was a lot of work to do it appear correctly. “

See his amazing work in the photo gallery below:

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