4:19 p.m. | Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The heatwave in early June is a blow to some motorists but a boost for an auto repair shop in New Hope.

The owners of Kurth’s Auto Repair in New Hope say their phones ring nonstop with people trying to get their air conditioners fixed. Mechanics at the shop have averaged three to seven AC repairs per day since the extreme temperatures began last week.

“Our business has grown by about 20-30% since the onset of the heat wave with air conditioning repairs,” said Calvin Smith, co-owner of Kurth’s Auto Repair.

Smith says there are several reasons why cool air stops blowing through your vehicle. They include a lack of refrigerant or a possible problem with the condenser. Prices vary if your trip requires air conditioning recharging because it all depends on the year and make of your vehicle.

“With an older vehicle, it can go around $ 145 to $ 200. Newer vehicles typically start around $ 450 and can go up to $ 700, ”Smith explained.

Kurth Auto Repair in New Hope

Experts say you can avoid air conditioning problems by performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, like regular oil changes where mechanics can check for leaks.

“They are able to identify a leak fast in advance and fix it so it doesn’t completely fail,” Smith said.

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