MASS. –Gov. Charlie Baker announced a proposal that would remove state sales tax for all months of August and September.

Massachusetts once had tax-free days and weekends, but never a tax break as long as two months.

Governor Baker said that with higher than expected tax revenues and additional federal assistance related to COVID-19, the hiatus would be a way to grow the economy and thank taxpayers after a difficult year.

“Anything that’s good for small businesses, I’m all for it,” said Alan Lavine, assistant sales manager at Percy’s TV & Appliance in Worcester. “I think it’s also good for the customers. It makes them smile and if there’s one thing we need it’s a lot of smiles on our faces for the year we’ve just been through. “

Lavine supports the idea and said he believes that not only will it attract more customers, but it’s something everyone can benefit from.

“That’s really the beauty of it,” Lavine said. “Anyone can take advantage of the sales tax. It’s not specific to one group or another, it’s for everyone.”

What would you like to know

  • Governor Baker proposed a two-month holiday without sales tax
  • The additional tax revenues and federal relief money allow
  • If passed, Governor Baker hopes it will help grow the economy
  • Some elected officials think the extra money could be used elsewhere

On the other hand, some local elected officials believe that the extra money could be better spent for other purposes.

In a statement released this week, State Senator Eric Lesser (D-First Hampden and Hampshire) said: “Additional funds should be used to reduce class sizes, repair crumbling roads and bridges, improve broadband internet or be used to pay off debt. “

Senator Lesser also said the proposal would cost $ 900,000 and do next to nothing to help local retailers who need more workers and better infrastructure.

The two-month tax holiday is still only a proposal, it must be approved by the State House and Senate. As of now, the annual Massachusetts Duty Free Weekend is scheduled for August 14-15. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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