Fuel calculator: how much do you spend on fuel each day?

Enter your vehicle details, fuel price and number of miles you travel into our calculator and instantly find out the cost of your trip

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With gas prices changing every day (and every place), it can be hard to know how much your commute and other trips are costing you.

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Our fuel cost calculator can help! Using energy efficiency data from Natural Resources Canada, the calculator can estimate how much you spend on gas each day — or how much you’ll spend on gas for your next road trip.

If you are looking to reduce your gas expenses, Natural Resources has advice for more fuel-efficient driving:

• Accelerate gently
• Drive at a constant speed (50-80 km/h is the most efficient range for many vehicles)
• Hill to decelerate
Avoid idling
Avoid carrying unnecessary weight
Limit the use of air conditioning and other electrical accessories
• Limit all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive

Calculator data comes from Natural Resources Canada, which publishes energy efficiency figures for most makes and models of cars sold in Canada. The calculator assumes a combination of city and highway driving to determine fuel efficiency, so costs will be higher if you primarily drive in a city, where fuel efficiency tends to be lower.

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Eleanor C. William