Fnac Darty extends its subscription repair service, Darty Max, to new products and strengthens its leading position in home help service solutions

Darty Max has become the go-to subscription repair service for major appliances. With near 200,000 Darty Maximum number of subscribers end of 2020 and 18 months after its launch, Fnac Darty accelerate its operations and expand its service offering by covering new product categories: small household appliances, home TV cinemar, Sound, Photography and Multimedia *. From today, customers can choose from three different packages, aiming to reach 2 million Darty Maximum number of subscribers by 2025. As a central pillar of the new strategic plan Everyday, enlargement of Darty Max should activate Fnac Darty to be, on a daily basis as in the long term, an essential ally of consumers, helping them to be sustainable in their consumption habits and their daily household chores.

Darty Max is a subscription repair service provided by the Group’s 2,500 after-sales service technicians that allows customers to easily repair products instead of replacing them, with no limit on the number of devices, failures or failures. age of the products, as long as the spare parts are available. This service includes remote assistance, diagnostics, labor and replacement of defective parts for any device purchased from Darty or elsewhere **. Darty Max also includes maintenance advice, device usage assistance, and priority access to home response services and phone support. If a product purchased from Darty cannot be repaired, the customer will be reimbursed in the form of a gift card. With this all-inclusive solution, this new service contributes to extending the life of all electrical and electronic products, by facilitating access to unlimited repairs of household appliances.

Initially dedicated to the repair of large household appliances, Darty Max is evolving by offering three different packages. The first package, Darty Max Essential, is an evolution of the original service, which covers the repair of products in the large household appliance category (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, stoves, hoods, refrigerators, freezers, cellars, wine) for € 9.99 including VAT per month. VAT This first version of Darty Max has been expanded and now also includes the categories microwaves, built-in coffee machines and air conditioners.
Fnac Darty also offers a Darty Maximum evolution flat rate at € 14.99 per month including VAT, which covers all categories of large household appliances as well as, from today, small appliances and home cinema TV categories (televisions, hi-fi systems, home cinema , projectors, TV receivers and accessories) and Sound (headphones, speakers, MP3 players, radios).

The last package is the premium subscription, Darty Max Integral for € 19.99 per month including VAT, which covers the categories of large appliances, small appliances, TV, Sound, Photography (cameras, camcorders, camera accessories) and multimedia (computers, tablets, monitors, printers and scanners, landlines). This package also offers subscribers a 30% discount on all smartphone repairs carried out by WeFix, a subsidiary of the Fnac Darty group.

Vincent Gufflet, Director of Operations & Services at Fnac Darty declared: “This new Darty Max, built around three complementary packages to better meet the expectations of our customers. Darty Max, who was offered around great servant Appliances repairs, extends to the frhousehold tire segment. We are strengthen our commitment to extend life scope of products, while building a lasting relationship of trust with our customers, in order to support their sustainable approach to repairing their devices.


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* Almost all products covered by warranty extensions are eligible for Darty Max. Devices not covered by Darty Max includes smartphones, drones, urban mobility products, game consoles, smartwatches and bracelets, digital photo frames, e-book readers, network hard drives, NAS, 3D printers, headsets VR, cameras, radio MP3 players, portable MD players and portable CD players.
** Depending on the type of device, the first repair can cost € 49, € 59 or € 99 including tax. VAT All subsequent repairs are covered by the subscription costs.

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