Disney’s most exclusive restaurant comes with a price tag that upsets many fans

Disney World food has never been known to be cheap, but one restaurant tops them on the expense side. Victoria and Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has always been by far the most expensive restaurant on the property…and it just got more expensive.

Credit: Disney

The restaurant recently made waves when it reopened on July 27, 2022, after a long closure due to COVID and subsequent renovations. Gone are the dark wood tones and the cozy atmosphere. The restaurant now sports a crisp white color scheme and ornate murals adorning the walls. However, when the restaurant reopened, it did so with a price increase.

The rotating menu makes the restaurant difficult to rate as you will rarely find the same food twice, but the experience is consistent and unmatched. Disney says it so well: “Victorian elegance meets modern sophistication.” That is precisely what you get at this fine dining establishment. An in-house harpist sets the tone for a truly unforgettable high-end experience.

Victoria and Albert

Credit: Disney

The price is also unforgettable. As prices rise everywhere, especially food prices, many fans have been upset by the increase at this AAA 5-Diamond restaurant. The standard menu starts at $295 per person, with optional wine pairings starting at $150 or non-alcoholic pairings starting at $110. That’s an increase of $195 from before the shutdown. Specialized experiments drove the rates even higher. The Chef’s Table tasting menu, which is the restaurant’s most exclusive and expensive experience (previously $350 per person), is now $425 per person with an optional wine supplement for $200, making this meal of $625 per person.

at victoria and albert

Credit: Disney

Fans did not appreciate the increase and expressed their frustrations on Reddit. One Redditor commented, “Overpriced Michelin star restaurants in NYC don’t even cost that much!” While another said: ‘I’m sure it’s a great experience and super chic but no thanks. I’m outside. No chance of me spending $300 per person to eat food. Yet one claimed it costs more than a meal at the exclusive Club 33.

Others were quick to defend the experience, saying, “If you truly value an exclusive experience with premium service and food, $300 is probably not unheard of.” “I agree 100%. Anything Disney shouldn’t be appealing or affordable to everyone,” another user replied.

It should be noted that Victoria and Albert’s is currently ranked as the number one restaurant in Orlando on several dining sites and proudly carries the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award. It would also likely be a Michelin starred restaurant if it met the geographic requirements.

Eleanor C. William