HOLLYWOOD, Florida – A Broward County home’s surveillance camera captured a group of suspects trying to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked outside.

When the car owner saw what had happened, he scared off the crooks.

In the video, a white SUV is seen entering the driveway and pulling over to the side to block the view of another vehicle.

That’s when a pair of masked men wearing dark clothing jump out of the SUV with large tools in their hands.

Tammy Ayon lives a few doors down from where the crooks were caught red-handed by the owner, who apparently knocked on a window, causing the masked thieves to flee in a hurry.

All this in broad daylight.

“Very daring thieves,” Ayon said. “It is extremely concerning that we live in an environment where this kind of shameless crime is taking place, but how desperate it is. How desperate must the criminals be? “

Daring criminals steal expensive car parts directly from vehicles, in some cases in broad daylight. (WPLG)

The problem is costly for car and truck owners, who fall victim to shrewd thieves within minutes.

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“It’s about $ 3,800 (to be replaced),” said mechanic Shon Khan.

The problem became so serious that the mechanics at Lou’s Super Service Auto Repair had to change the way they did business.

“We can’t even leave the cars in front of the store anymore, they shut off the catalytic converter,” Khan said.

The auto part that controls vehicle emissions is made up of precious metals like platinum and rhodium, which sell at scrap yards for several hundred dollars, more than the price of gold these days.

Thefts have increased by around 300% nationwide, and organized crime networks are the root of the problem.

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