Bureau of Meteorology’s huge rebranding price revealed

The actual cost of an attempted rebranding by the Bureau of Meteorology turned out to be thousands more than originally thought.

BOM’s botched name change cost more than $220,000, the Guardian reported.

The agency caused a stir after asking the media not to refer to him by his initials (BOM), but rather by his full name or as “the Bureau”.

Camera iconTanya Plibersek said the agency should focus on weather rather than branding. NCA NewsWire/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

The move was met with mockery online after it was revealed that the agency had failed to secure Twitter handles bearing its new name.

Previous reports indicated that a contract worth nearly $70,000 was awarded to communications agency C-Word for “brand implementation” in September 2021.

This figure includes funds for updating the organization’s logo and visual style, conducting research and engaging the media.

Camera iconThe move has drawn criticism amid the flood crisis affecting southeastern Australia. NCA NewsWire/Monique Harmer Credit: News Corp Australia

The move was criticized by Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek amid scrutiny of the organization.

“With the extreme weather conditions we are currently experiencing, what matters is accurate and timely weather information for communities,” Ms Plibersek said on Twitter.

“My focus and BOM focus should be on weather, not branding.”

The BOM moniker is here to stay according to Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Gorman.

“I think as far as BOM goes, they’ve earned that nickname,” he said.

“They should be proud of it and accept it.

“Obviously the Minister for the Environment is looking at all the circumstances that led to this announcement which is not ideally timed, but, yeah, I don’t think the BOM is going to stray from its name anytime soon. .”

Ms Plibersek said her office had requested more information about the costs and contracts related to the rebranding.

Eleanor C. William