Ateliere launches free cloud storage savings calculator

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.—Ateliere Creative Technologies has made available this week a free cloud storage savings calculator which allows content creators to understand how much they can reduce cloud storage and save money if they were to de-duplicate video using Ateliere’s technology.

Often, content creators produce multiple versions of media projects and titles to meet localization, compliance, and other distribution requirements. Duplicate media storage can add up to additional terabytes of unnecessary cloud storage expense, the company said.

Ateliere’s cloud-native media supply chain solutions offer a deduplication feature that can reduce the cloud storage footprint by at least 70% for most content creators, he said. declared.

“In an era of record inflation, the cost of living expenses has risen. Despite this, our customers have been able to significantly reduce cloud storage costs by using Ateliere to eliminate duplicate media files stored in their content libraries and archives,” said Eric Carson, Chief Revenue Officer of Ateliere.

“The Cloud Storage Savings Calculator gives content creators a way to accurately estimate and visualize their cost savings when switching to Ateliere to manage their content.”

The calculator breaks down the storage numbers into total hours of content, episodic information and features and the number of alternate releases. Bar charts show cost savings per AWS tier of storage used. For large media companies, the savings can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, he said.

Eleanor C. William