ASRock X670E Motherboards Listed With Price Tag Under $300

On Wednesday, two European retailers listed ASRock’s family of motherboards, based on AMD’s X670E chipset and designed for the upcoming Ryzen 7000-series processor (opens in a new tab). For example, unlike all the AMD X670E-powered motherboards we’ve come across, a few of ASRock’s X670E platforms aren’t prohibitively expensive, according to two retailers.

As a result, AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors inAM5 (opens in a new tab) will be able to offer five motherboards based on AMD’s X670 Extreme chipset and, for now, will not offer any vanilla X670 platforms ( opens in a new tab) available. Two dreadnoughts are on display: X670E Taichi Carrara and X670E Taichi motherboards for enthusiasts, and X670E Taichi overclockers with budget limits, and X670E Steel Legend, X670E Pro RS, and X670E PG Lightning for everyone else.

From a published screenshot [email protected]_us, leaky hardware with a track record, the X670E Taichi Carrara and X670E Taichi motherboards are the most expensive in the company’s family. They cost 693 ($578 excl. VAT) and 661 ($550 excl. VAT) in France. As far as a motherboard goes, over two thousand dollars is still a lot, but it’s a lot cheaper than the $1300 to $1500 price spectrum we’ve seen with motherboards from Asus ( opens in a new tab) and MSI (opens in a new tab).

Perhaps more important is that the cheapest X670-E PG Lightning will cost 334 ($248) in France and 311.62 ($298 w/o VAT) in the UK, which is the range of AMD-based platforms X670 from Asus and MSI. The X670E Pro RS will cost around $373 ($311 without VAT) and the X670E Steel Legend will cost around $412 ($343 without VAT).

We have summarized the data in the following table:

PrixFree French for rental and free delivery. RatesFree delivery for rental.

Many people think ASRock’s X670E motherboards are cheaper than motherboards due to the same chipset from other vendors. More than 20 years ago, ASRock made a budget motherboard. The company has been a provider of high-end products aimed at demanding gamers and overclockers.

According to ASRock, the X670-E platform is designed for enthusiasts with a custom liquid cooling system, and this can be achieved in the $1000 range. Meanwhile, ASRock’s X670E PG Lightning enters vanilla X670 territory with its sub-$300 price tag. Assuming the prices are right, not all of the premium AM5 materials will be ridiculously expensive.

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The availability dates for new AMD platforms are getting closer. Other retailers bring the list of motherboards to a GPU with AMD X670 and X670-extreme chipsets. However, we should know how high the price of microcomputers from Biostar and Gigabyte is.

Eleanor C. William