Robbins and Fox Libraries began a large-scale strategic planning process in the spring, and the library is now seeking community input through a survey currently available at or

The survey will be open until July 23 and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Paper surveys are available from the library on request as well as surveys in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

The results will inform future priorities and investments, with the ultimate goal of improving the city’s library services.

Working with a community / library steering committee, consultants from the Library Strategies Consulting Group have a particular focus on assessing unmet, under-met and emerging needs in Arlington for library services.

“Whether you are a super user or have never obscured our door, we want to hear from you,” says Andrea Nicolay, Director of Libraries. “The only way we can meet Arlington’s needs is to hear a wide variety of residents tell us what you like and what you don’t like. “

Public libraries create a new strategic plan every four to six years and use that plan to guide their activities from year to year. In addition to the survey results, the process takes into account feedback from organized focus groups, the city’s master plan, community data and library statistics. Having an up-to-date and approved strategic plan on file with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners also makes libraries eligible for state grants.

The new strategic plan will be presented to the library board for approval at its August or September meeting and will be published and posted on

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