AES says ‘fuel adjustment fee’ is coming on utility bills

The company says the charge is “related to rising fuel prices, such as natural gas and coal.”

INDIANAPOLIS — AES Indiana customers will see their prices go up the next time they check their utility bill.

Hiking is not because you use more energy. AES says fuel costs are rising.

AES tells us that customers should expect their bills to temporarily increase by around 12%

They said it was not something they made money on. According to AES, natural gas and coal prices have increased significantly over the past year, and price increases are tied to these increases.

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Kelly Young of AES said this is something customers see from time to time with fuel adjustment charges.

“It’s something that every utility faces, every utility here in Indiana,” Young said. “It’s based on the fluctuating price of fuels and the costs of purchased electricity, so those costs fluctuate. They go up and down, and they’re based on that fuel cost.”

Young said AES knows customers are also seeing prices rise elsewhere, and that’s why they have resources for customers who will feel the pinch when prices spike.

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“I know increases hurt every time, so we recognize that. We have programs in place that we want to help our customers manage their energy costs,” Young said.

How can customers save on their bills? AES has these resources to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, and more tips on how to save.

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