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car in the garage under the auto mechanic
With a few basic safety tools, it’s pretty simple to stay safe while shooting your car at home.
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Home auto repair can be a great way to save money on minor auto repairs and help close the gaps between major service appointments at a trusted dealership. Here are seven protective tools to keep you safe while working on your car.

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Protective glasses

Invest in a pair of quality safety glasses to protect your eyes from liquids, debris, and metal flakes you encounter when tinkering with your car. As the Hearst Autos Gear Team share, this cheap accessory will help ensure your peepers stay in pristine condition so you can enjoy many more years of do-it-yourself car maintenance.

Protection’s mask

A face shield is a smart option if you want to protect your entire face from unwanted debris while ripping your car off. If you regularly cut or grind materials while working on your car, this tool is a vital investment, as confirmed by Hearst Autos Gear Team.


Protect your hearing when you buy a pair of noise canceling headphones. By Hearst Autos Gear Team, this gadget will help to dampen noise from loud tools like cutters and grinders so that you are more comfortable while repairing your car.

Work gloves

Sturdy work gloves are a requirement for any DIY auto mechanic like the Hearst Autos Gear Team sharing. Not only can they help minimize vibration from air tools, but if they have a reinforced design, they can protect your joints from impacts.

Fire extinguisher

Reduce the risk of auto repair fires when you keep a fire extinguisher in the garage. Per Hearst Autos Gear Team, you’ll want one that can tackle both electrical fires and flammable liquid fires. So make sure you get one with a “B and C” grade.

Car ramps

Car ramps are a great way to elevate your car that offers more stability than a conventional car jack, as Haynes confirms. This tool is essential for changing the oil in a car with low ground clearance.

Wheel chocks

For jobs that don’t require you to raise your vehicle, opt for wheel chocks. According to Haynes, simply place them under any wheel that isn’t elevated and they’ll keep the car stationary while you work.

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