LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Metro police have investigated 49 homicides through May 28 this year, nearly double the number for the first five months of 2020.

The report shows a 96% increase, not counting two recent cases: the investigation into the body of a boy found Friday in Mountain Springs and a shooting Sunday at an auto repair shop on East Charleston Boulevard.

This year’s statistics show three city wards with 7 homicides each – Downtown Area Command, Convention Center Area Command, and South Central Area Command. Each of Metro zone controls had at least three murders.

In addition to the Metro murder cases, unofficial statistics show 12 homicides in North Las Vegas, six in Henderson and one in Boulder City that occurred yesterday. It was the first homicide case in Boulder City since 2019.

Of the 49 murders under Metro jurisdiction through May 28, 31 were gunshots, followed by 8 blunt trauma deaths and six stab wounds.

The victims – 39 men and 10 women – were mostly in their 30s. That’s older than last year’s murder victims, who were mostly in their twenties. And so far, nine victims in 2021 were in their 50s – well above the two in their 50s reported last year.

A total of 26 of the victims were black – 21 men and 5 women. Hispanics (10) and whites (9) accounted for most of the other victims.

Metro is also reporting twice as many homicides related to domestic violence so far this year. As of May 28, 10 homicides were considered domestic violence, up from five in the first five months of 2020.

Of the 49 homicides, Metro says 39 of the cases were cleared by arrest, by someone who surrendered or because the suspect died. Ten cases remain open investigations. Six of the cases fall under Metro’s classification of “justifiable” homicides.

Gang-related cases represent a small minority of all homicides – less than 7%.

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