It’s time for you to have a credit card. It is common for you, as a parent, to be concerned about the consequences of this deed in the hands of your child. However, this is a great opportunity to teach the young person or teenager in your home how to become a financially responsible adult.

Today, credit card is already a reality in the life of Brazilians. According to the Diagnosis of the Brazilian Retail Payment System, the billing of this card modality reached, in 2013, about R $ 534 billion. This figure is almost 15% higher than the previous year’s revenue, which shows that this type of credit is an expanding market.

However, you know that credit card is not a toy. Therefore, it is essential that you keep track of every expense your child makes with this form of payment. Not only to supervise you, but to educate you about the dangers and the care to be taken with the credit card.

Always be aware of rates

Always be aware of rates

Show your children the consequences of every purchase they make. The rates for many cards are high, and if the purchase is of small value, they can be even higher than what is being paid for the card.

Bill arrives. If you do not have a credit card, you will not be charged. The tip is always set to maximum value for the total amount of that invoice, so that the adolescent can monitor his own expenses with the card.

Never invoice the invoice


One of the biggest difficulties in having a bad credit card is dealing with bad debt. In addition to the maintenance fees charged by the bank, delays and consequent interest can become a big burden in your pocket. In the case of your child, if you are not careful, these practices may become commonplace and may become defaulting adult.

The most appropriate is to choose the date next to the receipt of salaries for the payment of the invoice and never to opt for installment payment, but instead, for the payment in cash. This way, you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and extra debts in the months following the invoice, in addition to being able to plan your income in peace.

Emergency Only Card

Emergency Only Card

If your child has the habit of going out to parties and other places with friends who accept payment via credit, do not encourage him to use it. In the midst of enthusiasm, it is very easy to convince yourself to settle the account later and opt for the card.

The best thing to do in these situations is to give the money in hand to the young person or adolescent, so that it is planned in the expenses. With the amount counted, your child will need to make decisions about what to spend. Should he decide to take the credit card, it is only for emergencies such as loss of money or a taxi.

Remember, if your child is stolen or lost, contact your bank branch immediately. Some establishments do not follow the identification rules and accept payment from anyone with the card.

Outside external dangers such as robberies and thefts, the use of credit card may not be great risks if used responsibly. Planning is useful in any financial situation and there are various ways and tools for anyone to have more control over their own pocket, including their child.