Requesting a mini loan is now very easy. Good Finance not only gives you a list of different providers of mini-loans, but also extensive information about the minimum and maximum amounts, loan durations, interest rates, and the different types of loans.

You can also contact them if you only need more information about mini loans. The website’s easy interface allows you to quickly and effortlessly view which amounts best suit your schedule and how long you want to take the time to repay the loan. The website offers three options for highly reliable websites for requesting mini loans.

Good Finance is most suitable for smaller amounts

Starting at $ 100 USD and ending at $ 1500 USD. Of course you can also mention an amount in between. The higher the amount, the longer the period to pay off the loan.

The maturities vary between 15, 30, 45 or with the highest loans 62 days. The loans are usually handled immediately and after approval you can find the money in your account within 24 hours.

After all, if it would take much longer, the loan would no longer serve you. You can also take out mini-loans with Good Finance without being tested at the BKR.

You cannot borrow such low amounts from Good Credit

The amounts start at $ 2,500 but can be higher on request. This website mainly deals with revolving loans and personal loans.

The advantage of this website is that the interest rates are low, starting from 4.70%, and that you can calculate and apply for the loan yourself online if you wish. So you can arrange everything yourself in one go. The repayment period of your loan can be determined, but can also remain variable.

E-Money also mainly offers personal loans and revolving loans

At E-Money, the minimum amount is $ 500, but with a maximum amount of no less than $ 100,000 you can vary enormously to put together your ideal loan.

At E-Money you can request a free quote, where you can get advice and find out what the interest rate will be for the amount that suits you best. The term of the loan is also adjusted to your wishes and amounts, and can be both fixed and variable.